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Monday, June 27, 2011

Salesforce & Perl & Catalyst - Building a Listener for Outbound Messages

Salesforce & Perl - Using WWW::Salesforce

Here is a simple example of how to get started with salesforce.
this script shows you how you can interact with salesforces backend and pull or push data to/from their db. If you look at the Salesforce.pm file you can see all the methods available.

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I've had this domain for some time, and it used to be a portal for tech support and technical documents related to a company i'm no longer with. I decided to re-purpose this address for Perl examples of things i'm working on. Sometimes while trying to implement things, it's hard to find examples in a way that fully explain whats going on. So i'm going to try to post helpful Perl code for people who might need this information one day.